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Connecting numbers - a real math madness

Let yourself be drawn into pleasant, seemingly uncomplicated browser-based gameplay that will provide you with many hours of screen pleasure. Match number games are a fantastic category where you'll find the opportunity to do a little revision of math (basic addition or exponentiation). Remember that this form of relaxation can be really addictive!

One of the most popular games in matching numbers is the entire series called 2048. Maybe you already know it from somewhere? The player's goal is to combine the tiles with the numbers in such a way as to create the four-digit sum they just wanted. You start with simple numbers 2 and 4 (though this may be different in some versions) and act by moving, dropping, combining and connecting. You have to be smart and efficient to make room for moving the tiles. In the bubble version, be sure to aim and strategically place the elements. If the board fills up and you get stuck with the lower numbers - game over!

Merge The Number, another game of matching numbers, is an interesting game with a slightly higher level of difficulty. The board is filled with tiles, and your task is to slide the identical ones together (similar to 2048), but here the numbers do not add up, and together they give the result 1 higher (for example 14 + 14 = 15). You have to reach 30 this way! Arrange carefully and take the time into account. Can you cope with this math challenge?

aplikacja mobilna