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Fishing and Lines


About the game Fishing and Lines

Fishing and Lines - addictive personalized fun

Fishing and Lines is one of the relaxing games with a fishing theme. The beginning is very pleasant, especially for people who love the possibility of personalizing and adapting games and other everyday elements to their own aesthetic preferences. You start with choosing a character, type of background music and deciding whether you are fishing with bubbles, food bait or animals. Seems pretty complex and complicated to start with? It's just nicer later, you'll see!

Fishing and Lines is a slow and relaxed entertainment genre. Once you get to the right part of the game, you will find that it doesn't require much of you. All you need to do is arrange the colored elements in rows or rows - vertically, diagonally or horizontally - to make them disappear and allow the character of your choice to catch a fish. Bonusik: you always get a written message, what an interesting loot that fell into your hands. Or rather: a fishing rod. Arranging the pieces is done in a similar way as in the traditional ball game: you click on the point you want to take and move it near the same pictures. The items disappear when you connect at least three next to each other, but you can cleverly sneak four or even five in one go.

What is important in the case of Fishing and Lines is the fact that the pond becomes overgrown, it becomes denser and it becomes harder and harder to move. Take that into account and don't charge! Choose amateur or professional mode and catch fish. Good luck!

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