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Fishing Mania - a real fishing mania

Ahoy, adventure! You are about to set off to the open sea with the crew of your fishing vessel. Stock up on bait and good fishing gear, today will be full of opportunities! Fishing Mania is fishing fun in a real fish empire. As a fishing captain, your job is… pretty much everything. Master the technique of catching fish and other marine animals so that every throw of the rod produces a harvest. How can I do that? Very simple, you just set your target and click where you want your fishing rod to land. Knowledge of the basic laws of physics will be useful here: how will the fishing rod work if you cast it at such and at another point in the movement? You have to feel the swinging pendulum well!

Fishing Mania allows you to constantly develop in your profession. Collect fish and collect money for them. However, watch out for any unpleasant surprises that someone has left in the water: old boots are not something that will make you rich and popular, but only slightly unpleasant smell and aesthetic impressions ... fish - perhaps this is not the game for you.

Fishing Mania is a way to relax after work or, for example, during a break. You sail the ship, cast your fishing line with precision and collect a rewarding loot. It is a really fun task! Invest in your personal fishing brand and get new types of fish that you can then catch.



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