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Mahjongg Alchemy


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Mahjongg Alchemy - the most popular puzzle in the world

Would you like some healthy and necessary intellectual effort in an eye-catching version? Puzzles such as Mahjongg Alchemy are the perfect proposition especially for you. This is a good opportunity for warming up and proper training - you just need to find pairs of symbols on the flat cubes that are spread across the board. On the surface, the task seems to be very easy, but if you have not had the opportunity to prove yourself in this discipline yet - believe that there will be something to think about.

Mahjong Alchemy sets a trap for you in the form of simple rules of the game - all you need to do is find the pairs, right? Meanwhile, care must be taken to ensure that the tiles are reachable (they must not have too large a contact surface with other elements, for example, be surrounded on all sides). On top of that, there is the time-lapse aspect - you only have 15 minutes to complete the task, otherwise the game will end without your success. However, if you manage to complete a puzzle within the given quarter of an hour, you can move on to the next one, and so on - as many as you can fit.

Celtic, Well or maybe Snake? There are different models of the cube layout in Mahjongg Alchemy and each symbolizes something else. To some extent, they also affect the ease of gameplay - one thing is the smooth arrangement of small piles, and another thing is a puzzle in which virtually everything is difficult to access. Certainly, the game teaches humility and patience - not every element can be easily matched to the others and you will not reach the master level immediately.

There are different tactics of the game - you can start by checking all the elements in rows and rows one by one, trying to color selection or organized chaos. The most important thing is to find a lot of fun - a little adrenaline is poured into quickly passing seconds, and the multitude of options ensures entertainment. Mahjongg Alchemy can be something different for everyone - a meditation while playing or a race for the highest score.

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