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Mahjong Connect 2


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About the game Mahjong Connect 2

Mahjong Connect 2 online: New challenges in the classic puzzle!

Ready for the next installment of the iconic Mahjong Connect game? Step into the world of Mahjong Connect 2 and discover completely new challenges in this puzzle game loved by millions of players!

What's new in Mahjong Connect 2?

Enjoy the refreshed graphics that delight with beautiful, hand-drawn tiles and take you to the magical world of the Orient. Over 100 different levels with increasing difficulty will provide you with long hours of addictive gameplay.

Discover innovative game mechanics such as bonus tiles, locked tiles and random tiles that will add variety and spice to your gameplay.

An engaging story mode invites you to follow Mei's story and help her rebuild her home village. Solve puzzles and discover secrets hidden on subsequent stages of the journey.

Test your skills in daily challenges and tournaments, competing against players from all over the world. Beat even the hardest levels with unique power-ups such as bombs, shuffles and hints.

Learn the main differences between Mahjong Connect and Mahjong Connect 2:

  • Graphics: Mahjong Connect 2 has refreshed, more detailed graphics, while Mahjong Connect has a more subdued, minimalist style
  • Game Mechanics: Mahjong Connect 2 introduces new mechanics such as bonus tiles and locked tiles not found in Mahjong Connect
  • Story Mode: Mahjong Connect 2 has an engaging story mode that Mahjong Connect lacks
  • Difficulty Levels: Mahjong Connect 2 offers a greater variety of difficulty levels, perfect for both beginners and experienced players
  • additional features: Mahjong Connect 2 has additional features such as daily challenges, tournaments and power-ups that are not available in Mahjong Connect

The free Mahjong Connect 2 game is not just a game, it is a real treat for lovers of logical challenges!

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