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Mahjong Connect 2


O grze Mahjong Connect 2

Almost everyone knows the mahjong game and it probably needs no introduction. Have you already met Mahjong Connect 2? This is a whole new level of exciting fun, based on the familiar, typical rules for a puzzle (or rather, you would like to say: a pop-up puzzle, because it is about dismantling a pile of tiles).

In this case, the rules of Mahjong Connect 2 are slightly varied: you only connect the tiles when they can be visually connected with a line making a maximum of two 90-degree turns. Otherwise, it just won't work. Be vigilant, smart and agile, and you will definitely handle it.

Mahjong Connect 2 is packed with interesting improvements - choose a magic sword, scope, cannon or hourglass and see how they help you. Breaking a double pile? - here you go! Adding a few seconds? - well, it can be done! Tiny tooltip highlighting matching themes when you are stuck? - if you have to ... But most of all, have a great time and achieve the best possible results!

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