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Silly Snakes


About the game Silly Snakes

Do you like the thrill of adrenaline and direct competition? Silly Snakes guarantee it! Choose a color and a name for your snake and compete against competitors from all over the world, gobbling up the colored dots and eliminating other snakes that are silly enough to get stuck in!

You know a game like Covirus? It's a similar mechanism - you grow in strength, but you also become more and more sluggish, it is more difficult to maneuver between obstacles and other participants. Be careful: unlike that game, in Silly Snakes you don't have the option to eat others! If you hit someone - game over, game over ...

Silly Snakes is a thrilling and fun game that comes from growing on the leaderboard. Your task is to score points and not allow others to weaken you. Remember to avoid other snakes with a wide berth, but at the same time block their passage - thanks to this, you make it difficult for your rivals to score points and reach higher and higher positions in the ranking.

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