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Ranking games - just be better than the others!

Do you like adrenaline and a satisfying competition full of surprises and unpredictable, exciting twists? If the answer is yes, games from the ranking series (most often those with "io" in the name) are a great proposition, just right for you. It is a very wide range of various types of browser games that you can play from your computer, tablet or smartphone, whenever you have time and feel like it. Become a master of fun in an aquapark or an invincible virus, depending on what topic you find interesting at the moment.

The ranking category includes, for example, such a proposal as Snowball.io, i.e. a slightly modified snowball fight. You move as a small character and roll a snowball, which you throw at your opponents a moment later. If they are smaller, it is likely that their movement will sweep them off the board, bringing you closer to victory. At the same time, you watch the leaderboard as you climb higher and higher to finally get rid of all your rivals and land in the coveted first place.

Other suggestions, such as Slither.io, are classic gameplay where you control a small creature - such as a worm - and eat everything you come across (food and enemies). The consumed element makes you grow and significantly increases your strength. The ranking changes in your favor, and each subsequent second gives you recognition and prestige. Watch out for the walls! Contact with them can be deadly.

aplikacja mobilna