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Are you a fan of the game Agar.io? Careful, you can get hooked!

The Agar.io-like game suggestions are the section you visit at your own risk. Do you want to find out why? Here is a wide selection of games that are so addictive that it's really hard to break away from them. You could say that the sense of power does its job here. But back to the point: the essence of the game is usually growing at the expense of others. Playing on a shared server, you and other players try to expand your territory by eating elements that give strength. Sometimes there are more negative interactions, and then you can also eat each other. The scoreboard, usually placed in the game, makes the matter even more pleasant - everyone wants to be in the first place, if only for a moment!

In Slither.io, you become a classic snake whose goal and task is to get bigger and bigger. Start by choosing a skin and giving yourself a name, all in order. And then - how to say - you go over the dead bodies to your goal! When one of your companions breaks up into lots of colorful pieces, you only have a chance to win. Eat sparkling brilliants and you will gradually gain power and respect in the yard. How to navigate this strange board? The controls are quite unusual as you just have to move the cursor which acts as a kind of compass for your chosen character.

Impostor.io is also a direct reference to the popular game Agar.io, but in this case with an additional accent in the form of Among Us. You become a dangerous impostor spreading terror in the area. You have a bladed weapon at your disposal - a club, and all those who show rashness and get in your way will taste its unpleasant face. Collect the scattered trinkets that give you energy (by simply stepping on them), and when facing the opponent - fight as much as possible. This is a real war for domination in this wild territory. Who will win it?

aplikacja mobilna