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About the game PAPER.IO 2

Paper.io 2 - an emotional competition

Do you like to face others in competitive challenges? Do you have a desire to be on a pedestal and surpass others with your skills, abilities or successes? Here's a game for you to prove yourself - Paper.io 2 is an emotional fun where you climb the ranks of the leaderboard and try to get better and better results. It starts innocently - you choose a character to name and then plan your image. Maybe it will be a sweet cookie, or maybe one of the iconic superheroes? There are many options to choose from!

The moment you are ready to play, the truly exciting gameplay in the grand arena begins. Next to you, there are many other heroes who (unfortunately!) Have the same goal - to grab as much territory as possible, even if it means depriving your rivals of a chance to continue the fun. It is enough for you to outline an area while moving around a common territory, skilfully navigating between obstacles, and it will be assigned to you. In Paper.io 2, you can also steal their lands from others - this will give you an immediate significant increase in influence in the area, especially if you find an important player. Remember, however, that whoever fights with the sword dies, or at least may die - the same tricks you use with others, they can use against you!

Remember that in Paper.io 2 there is no direct combat between characters - you can conquer other territories, but you cannot attack them manually. Meeting an opponent can result in immediate disqualification from the competition, which is something everyone would like to avoid, right? Therefore, focus on your own area and develop your own tactics - try the method of various shapes, pick up a piece of land for others, and if you succeed - try to block their path. Defend your space like the eyes of your head! Also keep a close eye on the table in the upper right corner - climbing to the top will guarantee you the leader crown.

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