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Snakes - Clever creatures that will slip everywhere

Are you fascinated by exotic animals? Thanks to browser games, you can play them - turn on one of the interesting and really simple suggestions to roll around the screen and hiss a bit. Although in the real world snakes can be really dangerous, in the online version you do not need to worry - they will certainly not hurt you, but only make you smile.

Santa Snake is a game that will appeal to all fans of the Christmas atmosphere - it is still a perfect proposition for the state of waiting for the holidays! You choose the reptile character - snakes are available in different colors, as well as equipped with various atmospheric attributes, for example decorated reindeer antlers - and then you move around the board using the keyboard arrows, mouse or touch screen. You have to eat all the Christmas lights you come across on your way to grow in strength. Don't forget to avoid contact with other players - they are also counting on as many points as possible and want to outclass you!

You can play Train Snake, the classic snake-length game, on your computer, smartphone or tablet. The title snake is actually a train with more and more carriages, on which you travel the world along designated tracks. You have to collect passengers waiting for transport and collect coins. Each subsequent level is a bit more difficult, so keep an eye on the route and watch out for barriers!

aplikacja mobilna