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About the game Fishing.io

Fishing.io - the fish business

Would you like to relax with a very satisfying game that does not require a lot of work and brings a lot of fun? Choose Fishing.io, a proposal that will allow you to do just that. You feel like an angler who hunts for interesting species of fish and collects them in a catalog as his trophies. You get rewarded for each fish you catch, just like discovering a new species. You can later invest the received money so that your business becomes more interesting, more and more profitable and satisfying.

How can you make investments? There are three options to choose from. The first one is the enlargement of the fish bucket, which at the beginning has a small capacity and can only carry a few pieces. The second is to increase the length of the line, i.e. the depth of work - the lower you go, the more interesting species of fish to catch! The third is an investment in your position on the market, which is perhaps marketing: after paying the appropriate amount, the value of your catches increases by 10%.

In addition to fish and sea creatures, you can also pick up diamonds from the water, which are worth a lot, but also ... gross rubbish that people throw into the water. Be careful with old shoes, plastic bottles and cans - they make the catch interrupted and are worth the round $ 0. Fishing.io is brutally realistic in this respect. Garbage can be found at any depth! So avoid the nasty stuff and develop your fish business to the fullest by filling the trophy book and investing in new solutions. Have fun!

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aplikacja mobilna