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Coronavirus - take over the world as a powerful germ

Do you like simple and not particularly demanding browser gameplay? The coronavirus game is something perfect for you. You name your character and start your business as an insignificant toddler who is at the top of his career path. What's your job? By controlling your virus with the movements of the mouse (or the touchpad if you're using a laptop and don't have one) you need to devour as many other characters as possible along the way. Sounds logical, right? But don't be fooled - in the same way, they can attack you!

What are the symptoms of the coronavirus in the games it appears in? In Covirus.io they will certainly not be dangerous - they are signs of great fun with a subtle thrill. If your character is large enough, when you meet other objects, you eat them, but if you are a bit short of their size - you can get seriously burned. Don't get distracted by (literally!) Disinfectants that lead to the immediate disintegration of your members. Stay alert and prudent, practice your dexterity and cunning.

Do you like being in the spotlight? So you've come to the right place - as you climb the career ladder, you're in the right position on the scoreboard, not in quarantine. Remember, however, that fame comes at a price - other characters may want to deprive you of your title of ruler and ... the crown. Don't give up on them and fight for yours!

aplikacja mobilna