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About the game AquaPark.io

AquaPark.io is a game that simulates fun on a huge slide in a water park. Sounds cool? Of course! Race against others on the huge slide, watch out for turns and don't get knocked off, and whoever reaches the pool safely first - wins the race!

By playing AquaPark.io you can try to… push your rivals off the track (kids, don't try this at home!) To get closer to victory. Great fun causes emotions almost like in real life.

The game Aquapark.io has an extremely intuitive control mechanism - your character, to whom you give a name of your choice (it may be just yours, or maybe some superhero, which will discourage everyone from hitting you) is controlled by arrows.

It's up to your intuition, dexterity and, um, coordination to make it all the way down to the bottom. Watch out for obstacles and various slowdowns that can knock you off the track or take you away from victory. And most importantly, since you are already playing AquaPark.io, try to get as far as possible and do not land prematurely in the water!

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aplikacja mobilna