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Miraculous Ladybug Hidden Stars


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About the game Miraculous Ladybug Hidden Stars

Miraculous Ladybug Hidden Stars - Search for the stars

Miraculous Ladybug Hidden Stars is an interesting proposition to pass the time. If you're taking a break from school, home study, or any job, you might find yourself drawn into a stellar detective game. Your task is to search the area with a magical magnifying glass and catch the appropriate number of stars hidden in the pictures. Sounds simple? See for yourself that this is not such a trivial game.

Find 10, 15 and more hidden stars by carefully analyzing the pictures you get. There will be various scenes with the participation of, among others, the fascinating Miraculous Ladybug. Decide what your form of work will be - will you focus on methodically viewing the picture inch by inch? Or maybe you will start by checking the hot spots that seem to be hiding a secret? Move the cursor, which in this case is connected to the aforementioned magnifying glass with magical properties, thanks to which you can see deeply hidden things. See the glow of stars between folds of clothes, characters' hair, elements of architecture or a thicket of plants. Click when you hit the right spot to get closer to victory.

Remember that clicking the wrong spot may result in a point deduction, so think carefully about your moves so you don't end up losing. Have a delicious meal and let the children discover the fascinating reality of the Miraculous Ladybug. The youngest will also like Miraculous Ladybug Hidden Stars, and due to the simple rules, they will definitely be able to handle it.

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