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About the game Find these guys

Find These Guys - it's time to start searching!

Do you like fun puzzles where your main task is to search? The "Hidden Objects" series of games (or games based on finding hidden objects) sounds like the perfect proposition for you. Find These Guys is a game in which various characters are hidden objects. People missing in the crowd are listed in the side panel, and you have to find exactly the same people based on their images. At first, this task sounds like a piece of cake, but you'll soon find out that it's not that easy to do. Many faces (or rather: busts, because you can see the portraits of wanted people) have many similar features, which causes a lot of chaos.

Find These Guys can be really addictive. Choose your own search criterion - check hair, distinctive accessories (e.g. sunglasses) or clothing first. Practice your observation and patience, but at the right pace: time is running out! To protect yourself from the time limit, be sure to speed up your actions and find at least one character - each successful action gives you a bit more seconds up your sleeve.

Find These Guys will provide you with really exciting gameplay, especially if you offer your children to have fun together. Although this is a single player game, there is nothing to prevent you from getting a little help from the hands of experts in puzzles and hide-and-seek. Have a delicious time!

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