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Pacman is an arcade classic retro game that has been known since 1980. It is one of the first game titles available on game consoles and computers. Today there are many variations of Pacman, however the main principles have not changed. The differences lie in the use of new graphic themes, additional bonuses that slightly change the gameplay, or the possibilities of a multiplayer game.

The rules of Pacman are simple. The player uses the arrows on the keyboard to control his hero - Pac-Man. The goal of the game is to get items on a board that looks like a maze. Sounds cliche? Until no more enemies appear in the maze. Some of them move in a random or strictly defined manner. The most dangerous for our hero are those who follow and chase him. Usually - fortunately - the player-controlled Ludek is a bit faster than the computer enemies. After you have planned your escape route and a strategy for obtaining new items, one thing remains - not to get caught.

Additional bonuses collected during the passage of a given level may make it easier to complete it. When PacMan gets the ability to shoot enemies and freeze them, or gets faster - the path to the target becomes more achievable. These games are completely free, so we can recall the classic Pacman without incurring any costs.

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