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Games for men are largely free casino games, computer racing and browser shooters. It's no secret that reliable players in the titles belonging to the category are male.

Car games for men will allow you to play as a sports or off-road driver (depending on the title) of a car. The goal of the game is to avoid collisions with obstacles and other vehicles and - above all - to complete the route in the best possible time. Browser racing are games for guys that are often made in HTML5 technology, they can be found on a computer, for a mobile type. Auto car games to modify your vehicle, a choice of various routes and game modes.

Games for guys are also titles that take us into the world of casinos and big (virtual) money. Card games, roulette or slots - entering one of these online games will make you feel like James Bond in the movie "Casino Royale".

Shooting games are also very popular with men. They give you the opportunity to play the role of a soldier, prehistoric warrior or archer - all without leaving your home. Browser games - FPS shooters allow you to take part in a fight that the player sees the character he controls

Browser games for guys are fast action and a lot of dynamics. The player must show good reflexes and dexterity to move to the next level.

aplikacja mobilna