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Destruction - become a professional destroyer

Do you ever get so angry that you'd just like to blow something up? Not only for you! In order not to destroy your apartment in a very stressful situation, spend enough time to relax and calm down, and when emotions take over - unload them in browser games to destroy, instead of using real objects. It really helps, and what's more - it triggers endorphins and gives you a lot of satisfaction!

Note: Classic destruction games can be extremely addictive! You can get stuck with them for long hours, reaching the next levels of fun. Choose Tower Box to see how fun it is to do something. You are a well-prepared strongman whose superpowers are based on the ability to smash entire floors of a huge skyscraper with one hit. Prepare yourself well and focus on not getting hit in the head with the protruding balcony. Your destructive power is to be unloaded on the walls, not on your character's body. Hit quickly and accurately, switching sides when an obstacle appears in your way, even if it is a pretty flower.

Depending on your mood, on a boring and gloomy day, you may feel more like building up or destroying. Even in single player mode, you can keep yourself entertained by competing with your friends on your own electronic devices. Collect points and act quickly and cleverly using your reflexes and agile fingers. Good luck!

aplikacja mobilna