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Atari Centipede


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About the game Atari Centipede

Retrogaming in all its glory, a classic straight from Atari. Atari Centipede is the perfect version of Atari inc. from 1980. The similarity is noticeable and the fun of the game is even greater. You can treat it as both a return to the past and a modern challenge, because you can definitely feel the demanding nature of those years. The action is very dynamic, the opponents are schematic, but fast, and the decisions you make must be made with confidence and well planned.

Atari Centipede requires not only resistance to stress and persistence, but also cleverness and logical combination. The title tracks work in a predictable way, but from a certain point on, the quantity can be overwhelming. In addition, there are still new obstacles that make it difficult to hit the opponents who are trying to destroy us. And on top of all these wild space spiders… Well, if you don't have arachnophobia and like demanding activities, then focus and take the challenge straight from the eighties!

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