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Atari Asteroids


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About the game Atari Asteroids

Atari Asteroids is a classic, graphically simple and uncomplicated game, which consists in shooting objects around you and collecting valuable points. You are the captain of the spaceship (or maybe the spaceship itself) and you must eliminate all enemy objects around you.

Atari Asteroids is one of the first games of this type ever created at a time when no one thought that we would be able to lock all computer functionalities in a tiny smartphone that fits in a pocket.

Plan your tactics in such a way as not to get shot - move with the use of arrows and emergency function keys (e.g. hyper space, which allows you to escape from a trap). Remember that not only you are shooting at other objects - they are also attacking you and this can make you weak! Do not let yourself lose valuable points and be as high as possible in the leaderboard, breaking your own records.

Classic Atari game from the 90s

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