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Checkers Legend


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About the game Checkers Legend

The Checkers Legend board game is a more homely sounding Checkers - one of the most popular board games in the world. On the one hand, it is a classic that has been known to people for years, and on the other hand, it can still provide more entertainment than many modern titles. Play now for free!

Checkers Legend

The Checkers Legend puzzle game has simple rules (probably known to most) - the goal of the game is to capture all of your opponent's pieces on the board. By moving the pawns forward (alternately with the opponent) you have to win.

And it's exactly that simple! The game has been known since the 12th century and despite the simple rules it contains elements of strategy and tactics, and logical thinking is the basis of winning. Play now and see if you like Checkers too.

Features of the game Checkers Legend

  • Classic puzzle game
  • Gameplay for 1 or 2 people on one computer
  • Three difficulty levels for single player
  • Options for changing the rules of the game
  • Options for choosing a variety of pawns and boards
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