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About the game My Shark Show

My Shark Show - show what teeth you have

Games like My Dolphin Show are very popular. These nice, very intelligent aquatic mammals feel great in the glare of spotlights. They can perform interesting tricks, and crowded audiences love them! What about sharks? They probably also want to shine, show off their skills and gain recognition in the eyes of observers. This time it's five minutes - in My Shark Show all attention is focused on these predatory fish

The fans are already sitting in the stands, and you are getting ready for your first stunts. Are you ready? Take it easy, treat the beginning with training - just try to lean slightly above the water surface to catch the tasty morsels of meat that are suspended above it. You'll see how simple it is! The controls are done using the keyboard arrows, so you'll get used to it quickly. Keep in mind that the spectators didn't come to the stadium to see how cute you are swimming. They came here for the tricks! And they are willing to pay handsomely for them if you show class.

My Shark Show is primarily an arcade game. It starts with catching pieces of food, then you also catch escaping fish, and then newer and newer elements are added, diversifying the fun. Hoop jumping? Cool! At first plain, then also flaming! As a predator, you will certainly like the daredevils appearing from time to time on surfboards or other reckless sailors in small boats. Just jump up to get them out of sight and get a standing ovation.

At the beginning of My Shark Show, you are an ordinary shark, but over time, with the influx of cash and experience, you can equip yourself with unusual accessories that will make your performances even more attractive. You have quite a large set of levels to complete (there are 18 of them), so you have a long way to mastery! In each case, there are new elements of the game that you need to master. Focus, dexterity, and also openness to a bit of reflex will be useful.

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