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My Dolphin Show 2


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About the game My Dolphin Show 2

My Dolphin Show 2 - cute dolphin acrobatics

My Dolphin Show 2 is delicious online fun. Your task is to train a dolphin acrobat who trains a lot in order to do the best during performances. Opt for the training version to perfectly prepare for your own show. More precisely - you are the dolphin and your role is to prepare and perform. At some level, acrobatics are not that simple, so developing your dexterity and gaining experience in the game will be very useful. Don't be discouraged if you don't go smoothly at first - things will get easier over time.

My Dolphin Show 2 is one of the series of games of this type. Compared to other parts, it is quite demanding, but still remains in the category of rather easy, enjoyable games. You operate dolphin acrobatics and evolutions with arrows on the keyboard, it is quite intuitive and simple in terms of the control itself. You have to get used to the animal's reactivity and maneuverability.

During the competition, you get ovations and prizes in the form of gold coins. Take into account that your performances are meant to entertain the audience and make the viewers' time more enjoyable, so you are very keen to ensure their satisfaction. Focus on all indicators at the optimal level and let the arrows lead you to a great result. Various hints will also appear on the screen that will not let you get lost. Good luck dolphin!

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