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Dolphins and great fun with them

Did you know that dolphins are one of the most intelligent creatures on Earth? They communicate perfectly with each other, set up groups and are able to create a kind of social hierarchy within them. They also appear as colorful children's friends in all kinds of animated films and browser games. Check how they can make their free time pleasant and take a boring fifteen or two minutes in the queue of shops or during a break at work or at the university.

One of the most popular series in which dolphins appear is My Dolphin Show. You turn into this lovable animal and take part in a show during which you are judged by the jury. Your trainer gives you tips, and you need to scrupulously stick to them to learn new and awesome evolutions and reap rewards for them. It starts really simple - with circles, balls or small fish. Later there are lanterns and more complicated structures. A bit of a sporty adrenaline will be very useful!

In different parts of the My Dolphin Show games, the tasks may be slightly different, and their difficulty level depends on the level you are on. Practice your dexterity and earn rewarding points and coins, because they will guarantee you the possibility of further development in this industry. How to control your character? All you need is a classic keyboard or a touchscreen and a little dexterity. The game is extremely simple and intuitive - children will also like it!

aplikacja mobilna