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Deep Sea Fishing


About the game Deep Sea Fishing

Deep Sea Fishing - colorful catches

Beautiful weather, fluffy clouds in the blue sky, clean surroundings and smiling animals - this is a Deep Sea Fishing game. Cute and cute, the colorful penguin is the character that you play as to go fishing. First, you have to decide whether you prefer a classic fishing rod or a fishing net-fishing rod, which will allow you to pull more of your prey out of the water in one go (and pull). The only thing left for us to believe is that the penguin is fishing to play, or to bet with a friend who can do more, and then just throw them back into the deep sea.

Speaking of your friend penguin - and you can bet your own who will do a better job of Deep Sea Fishing. Choose which model you want to compete in and have a great time playing against time. And time is limited: check how much time you have left on a special counter placed on the side. However, nothing is decided in advance: from the water you can catch not only various species of fish (which you can then browse in the catalog and find out their names), but also mysterious treasure chests. What's in them? There are several options: for example piles of gold coins to increase your wealth, extra time to keep you playing for longer, and even… a pile of rubbish at which the penguin will wince. Well, it happens! Also, watch out for octopuses: they can dirty a penguin's face and make the world look… dark for a while.

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