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Ski Slalom


About the game Ski Slalom

If you dream of a ski run in the beautiful high mountain scenery, then you are in the best place. This is possible thanks to Ski Slalom, which will take you to the mountains of your dreams, from which you will slide at a fast pace. At the same time, you do not have to risk a fall and injury, after all, you can sit in an armchair with a cup of cocoa, and in a bathrobe and warm slippers. Take only what is the most pleasant of such excursions. Remember, however, that it is not only about admiring the beautiful views.

The Ski Slalom game will allow you to go to the slope inexpensively, safely and quickly, where you can indulge in the passion of skiing. Compete with your friends for the best downhill time, pass the flags as close as possible to gain precious seconds or ... relax as Santa Claus and collect gingerbread on the way! Yes, there is a star version and you can easily choose that character. So who takes up the challenge and who will do the best?

In addition to classic skiing (ski jumping, cross-country skiing), alpine skiing is a very popular category of winter sports. We call alpine skiing both downhill, slalom, giant and supergiant, which requires covering the longest distance.

The leitmotif of the GP Ski Slalom game is the competition once called the giant slalom, and for some time it has been an ordinary giant. The player, in accordance with the rules of this discipline, must complete the route from start to finish, avoiding the gates on the right and then on the left. It is important not to miss any of them, because then it means the end of the competition.

At each level, the skier has to follow a fixed route - the more gates, and the more directional changes, the more difficult it is to complete the route.

The controls are intuitive - it requires the use of arrows on the keyboard. In the menu, the player can control the sound settings and enable full screen mode. The game presents a simple, arcade driving model - the initial levels are not difficult to beat. However, along with the successive stages, setting the gates forces you to make quick decisions and precisely choose the route of the exit.

Ski Slalom Game Features
- There are three players available! Choose your favorite skier between man, woman and Santa ;-)!

-12 levels of increasing difficulty

-High quality 3D graphics


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