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Do you dream of skiing on the slopes in the middle of summer? Or maybe you are sitting during the winter break with a cold, covered in piles of handkerchiefs, while others are having a good time skiing? Create a substitute for your favorite entertainment in any conditions - even if you avoid this type of sports in reality. Ski games are fantastic, uncomplicated games in a winter aura, which can turn into fierce competition - with real opponents or yourself, fight for the best places on the podium.


Ski games are a category of browser mini-games with something for every winter sports fan (maybe except for diehard snowboarders, who don't have a word with "ski" through their throats). In addition to the different versions of Ski Jumping and Ski Slalom, there are also classic ski races and interesting special editions - for example Christmas Ski. Choose the most interesting for you and slide down the white powder!


Most of the ski games are competitive sports games in winter weather. Ski jumping is an extensive category in which you can empathize with the world champions of local and foreign jumps. Some versions of the games allow you to personalize the appearance of the player, which will probably appeal to the youngest. Getting higher and higher positions during the competition requires dexterity (sometimes also good luck), and when honing your skills, you can have a lot of fun.

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