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Winter games - warming entertainment for long evenings

You have no idea how to organize a prolonged afternoon on a frosty day? Winter games come to the rescue - thanks to them you will get ready to fight on the slope, get used to the cold or remember your favorite activities for the cold season. In this category, you will find a lot of simple browser games that are also available in other editions - there are Christmas or summer versions. Let a little Winter Wonderland atmosphere into your room!

Winter Jewel Saga opens with winter recommendations - it's a cute, very simple game that works in the same way as Candy Crush Saga or similar. Assisted by a cute penguin, combine colorful sweets into sets (at least three pieces next to each other) to make them disappear, earning you points and fun. After completing a specific task, you move to the next level, and the difficulty level increases. The climatic addition here are, among others, star-shaped gingerbread.

Moto X3M 4 Winter is a proposal for those who prefer more active forms of relaxation. Explore winter and festive (Christmas trees with baubles!) Decorated spaces on your fantastic two-wheeler. Keep your balance without breaking the pace, follow the designated track and perform amazing stunts in the air. This is the winter release of other versions of the series with a motorcycle in the lead role. It will also appeal to fans of motorization and the thrill of excitement. You will need a keyboard and great humor!

Hidden Objects: Hello Winter is an ideal proposition especially for the youngest (but not only). Specific objects hidden in colorful pictures are not always easy to find! Ahead of you is a sensational training in perceptiveness, but also patience. Test yourself in all competitions to become a true search master. Decorated rooms, winter landscapes and Christmas atmosphere are the perfect background for such fun. Remember that the game is played against time, so don't waste too much time looking at the graphics - act!

Winter Differences can be another great winter game for kids. Colorful, atmospheric pictures, many interesting and varied levels, not too high degree of difficulty - perfect indicators of having fun with the youngest. There are two seemingly identical works before you - you need to find elements that differ them. The game will be additionally made more pleasant by the nice background music. Watch out for the passing of time! Good luck.

aplikacja mobilna