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Solitaire 3


About the game Solitaire 3

If you fancy a personalized, relaxing gameplay every now and then, Solitaire 3 is something you should reach for. Well-known rules are not difficult or complicated in any way - you place the cards in alternating colors in the bars, and then you move them to orderly piles from Ace (who is one here) to the king. Each of the four colors separately, in a fixed order.

In Solitaire 3, a pile of cards is helpful, you can scroll in search of a matching item. Initially, the cards are arranged in a well-known harmonica or piano - perhaps these names are associated with the classic solitaire. Undoubtedly, a bit of logical combining and the skill of counting from 2 to 10 and knowing the order of the cards with the figures are required here (hint: jack, queen, king). In Solitaire 3, the limited number of cards in the bank means that your fate in the game is not a foregone conclusion - the gameplay is not as simple as it may seem ...

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