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Fishing 2 Online


About the game Fishing 2 Online

Fishing 2 Online - to save the fish

Do you know Fishing Online? Perhaps that is why you came here - you managed to complete all the levels and save the fish from oppression. If not, you may be acting in reverse order, and the first part will come right after the second. Regardless of how you came across Fishing 2 Online - you have an important task ahead of you. Help the fish to find its life-giving aquatic environment and do not let it dry out. As you know, aquatic creatures breathe a little differently than humans (gills, are you familiar with biology lessons?), So they need different circumstances to get oxygen.

Fishing 2 Online is based on the same mechanism as the first version. You are a fish lifeguard and you must help the fish by rearranging the pieces around it. For some reason the pet got stuck out of access to the water. You're not going to pass by indifferently, are you? Sometimes it is enough to remove the valve, other times there will be many more elements to move. As you might expect, the difficulty level increases with each new level, and there are a lot of them! Make no mistake, it can cost a lot ...

You will need a laptop, tablet or smartphone with Internet access to complete the task. Using the browser, start the game and have fun while doing good deeds towards the animal. As soon as you have the appropriate number of stars, a new fish will appear on the screen and it is up to you to decide who you want to take care of. To the battle!

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