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2048 Merge


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About the game 2048 Merge

If combining is your forte, you'll love 2048 Merge, a game where you add colored tiles and combine them so that they add up to the highest possible values. After generating a tile with the majestic inscription 2048, it disappears, and you get more and more points. You didn't think the fun was over, did you? That's when the game of raising the score begins!

2048 Merge is a great opportunity to repeat the binary system. Pop-up tiles range from 2 to 1024, at the right times, of course. By collecting compilations of more than two identical numbers, you collect "trash cans" - the possibility of discarding a mismatching value as it arrives.

Simple and logical, extremely engaging and developing gray cells. Challenge your friends to a duel and see who's the best at combining and planning spaces! You are limited by a 4 × 4 board, a set of tiles and your mathematical competences. Who will win in 2048 Merge?

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