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2048 - exponentiation revision

You already know the game 2048? If not, this is the perfect time to read it. Addictive and haunting until you reach the level you want, a game that can accompany you while you sit at home on the couch, wait for college classes or take the tram. The goal is one: maneuver the tiles in such a way that the number 2048 appears on the screen. In addition, you also want to score points - the more, the more fun, of course. The results are recorded in a special table, and you can compare your own achievements with each subsequent approach.

2048 can come in many variations. There are versions where you only move the number tiles (they appear 2 and 4 in random order), but there are also versions where the blocks pop out below the board and you have to fit them somewhere. You decide for yourself where they will fit best, and when they are next to the twin tile - go for it! They merge into one, adding you points. During the entire game, you have the option of missing a given number several times (if it does not suit you at the moment). This option is located under the dustbin icon.

The number tiles are colored in different colors. This is a good way to learn math or to revise the summation or exponentiation of the number 2 - apart from 2 and 4, as the tiles are combined, they will start to appear 8, 16, 32, 64 ... and so on, until the desired, title 2048. Challenge yourself and get closer to victory every time. Let yourself be drawn into a wonderful math madness!

aplikacja mobilna