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Tiny Fishing


About the game Tiny Fishing

Tiny Fishing - a fishing career simulator

Fishing is not only a weekend relaxation with a brother-in-law. Oh no! It is hard work where only the most skillful will develop and the most persistent will learn what can be caught at great depth. Start the game of Tiny Fishing by catching one hurdle. The profit is small, but you will soon be able to buy a slightly longer line. In addition, the developed magic hook will make it easier to catch more than one fish at a time. By taking small steps, upgrade your equipment to one that will allow you to catch for better and better remuneration.

Tiny Fishing is characterized by calmness despite the minor aspects of arcade. There is no time limit here, so you can absolutely hitchhike during breaks, without the stress that something will go wrong. Moreover, as a pragmatic fish businessman, you can secure yourself a passive income. You have your own business that makes money for you, and the more you invest, the more you get. Simple isn't it? The golden rule of the time of capitalism.

In addition, the caught creatures appear in your private aquarium, where they can multiply, and then you can sell them. Even more profit. To make it even that easy in reality. Nevertheless, when it comes to the basics of starting a business, Tiny Fishing is suitable for fledgling careerists. Business is business, as they say. Do not wait any longer, because there will not be enough fish for you and the company will not start itself. Hop in your boat, thread your hook on a line and get real fishing!

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