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About the game Timberman

Timberman - one of the best games available online

Do you know that… it was Timberman that was once hailed as one of the best online games? For you, it is available for free, from your browser - you don't need to install anything and you can play whenever you want! Play alone or challenge your sister, friend or mother with whom you are spending your time - you can play alternately or use separate mobile devices. Who will get the better result?

Timberman is a game with very simple rules, but as is well known - these are usually the most popular. Timber means wood, and the man suffix often indicates that there is some function or profession involved. So who is a professional woodworker? He's a lumberjack, of course! If you haven't had any contact with this online game so far, the situation should slowly brighten up. At the beginning, you get a powerful weapon in the form of an ax, which will be used to disarm the evil branches that stand in your way.

In Timberman, apart from this tool, the most important elements of equipment are: concentration, focus and full awareness. Take into account that every wrong move in this game can end up being crushed by a tree, so it's not worth pressing the keys too hastily. There are many exciting levels ahead of you, and the circumstances of nature may change along the way - also visit an interesting place of religious worship or a snow-covered Christmas forest, probably somewhere in Canada or in the Scandinavian countries.

The Timberman game requires reflexes - in turn, you need to press the right and left arrows, depending on which side of the tree the branches are on (or other elements that threaten you in the next stages of the game). Remember that you have a certain amount of time to think about it, so you need to act efficiently and without hesitation. Earn points to unlock more intriguing locations!

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