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Timberman - games for fans of great fun

Are you drawn to the forest? Would you like to smell some freshly cut wood and play lumberjack? Remember to select the specimens for cutting carefully - in accordance with the principles of ethics and regulations. Of course, in online games you have a bit more freedom - grab an ax and take advantage of the logs in front of you without any remorse. Games for Timberman fans encourage addictive fun!

Idle Lumberjack is an arcade game à la Timberman. The fun is that you are a lumberjack and live in a hut on the edge of the forest. You go out into the woods every day to deal with the too quickly growing number of trees with your ax. There are really a lot of them! Make sure you reduce their density on a regular basis by making skilful movements. This is the perfect upper body workout! And in fact - in the online version - primarily your wrists or fingers, depending on whether you use a touchpad, touch screen or a mouse.

The Timber Guy is almost like Timberman - you stand with the ax next to a tree trunk and start eagerly cutting its twigs. Your only job is to watch the process and position yourself in the right direction - this will avoid a catastrophe. Be careful not to get hit by a branch, because it can end up really bad and in no time at the place of your character a small tombstone will appear, commemorating a wonderful, but how reckless person. Beat your own records and collect medals for achievements.

The browser game Bob and Chainsaw is almost the same, but in a more technologically advanced version - you get a tool that will make the whole thing easier (or at least for your hero). In contrast to the previous version, here you hit the touch screen with your finger or click the mouse, but it is not possible to use the keyboard arrows. You have a wide range of possibilities - collect all the achievements and beat your own records by climbing higher and higher!

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