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Pixel games - the madness of colored dots

What interesting can happen to you under the banner of pixel games? It is difficult to standardize this group, because you will find a lot of different types of proposals in it. For example, the KOGAMA series, with a pixelated character in the lead role, is already a full set of adventures - a visit to the zoo, city parkour or other games that bring a lot of fun and satisfaction.

Games from the Pixel Art series, such as Pixel Art 3D Online, are an opportunity to get creative without having to pull out an easel and a canvas or a drawing block and crayons (depending on your level of advancement). There are tons of categories in which you can act - fashion, animals, people, vehicles, nature ... and so many works of art to do! You can rotate each pixel figure and view it from all sides, improving its appearance. Choose the perfect colors and feel like a master of art. Maybe you will awaken your true passion? This easy game will also capture the artistic souls and hearts of the little ones!

Chubby Birds is a reflex game, especially for those who love multi-level challenges and simple-to-use, exciting games. It is enough to click the cursor or touch the screen steadily to make your character (a bird of the selected color) fly up a bit. When you stop clicking - it will just drop down. Both directions of traffic are extremely important to avoid obstacles in your way. Be careful and show reflexes - thanks to this you will accumulate a considerable amount of points.

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