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Strong, brave and skillful - be like a lumberjack

The list of games under the name of the lumberjack are just interesting propositions - among them you will find something more dexterous and reflexive. If you have a long, cool evening ahead of you or a dragging train journey, grab your virtual ax and go on a forest journey for fun. What challenges are waiting for you? Depending on the specific game, it will first of all ... cut trees, which of course is hard to expect. Put on your checked shirt, flex your biceps and go!

One of the propositions worth highlighting is Wood Stair. As a small character, you move along a forest path, holding equipment in your hand that will allow you to collect wood when you come into contact with each tree. When you have enough, you can turn it into stairs that will take you to the next level. However, remember to act as carefully as possible - if there are not enough pieces, you can fall into the abyss! Control the hero with the mouse or the touch screen on your mobile device.

Lumberjack in the 3D version also appears in the game Idle Lumberjack - this is a proposal in which you have to show your cleverness and the ability to combine. Your field of activity is a forest meadow, a backyard workshop and a lumberjack's hut, and your task is to improve the entire area with your competences. Cut a tree, work and invest in the development of your place to get more funds for new additions and - most importantly - a whole lot of satisfaction.

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