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About the game Fish Gone

Fish Gone - relax on the water

Something that many people in the world dream of is nothing but peace. And where is it calmer than in a boat that sways rhythmically on the gentle waves? There is only you there, a fishing rod, a gentle breeze rustling among the treetops, and under you only deep water in which colorful fish swim, dreaming about being hooked at one end of the line ... Are they all? Not! There are also nasty deep-sea fish that persistently resist the joyful angler - you!

In Fish Gone, the goal is to catch as many fish as possible on a fishing line hook that moves right, left and back like a high school physics pendulum. Show your reflexes and cleverness so that after clicking and releasing the hook, the rod catches a fish or even two, but at the same time it does not hit the deep-sea ones that will deprive you of points from the current attempt or at least block the rod. But who is better than you?

Fish Gone is intended for both professional anglers and amateurs of water relaxation. Everyone will find a part for themselves here: whether it is a satisfying peace, or maybe a taste of fierce family competition, or even professional competitions of masters of the fishing trade. Turn on the browser on your smartphone, tablet or computer, join the large group of joyfully drifting anglers and catch as many fish as possible. Or, loosen the backrest in your own armchair and enjoy the peace that you will surely experience.

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