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Tropical Match


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About the game Tropical Match

Immerse yourself in the tropical atmosphere and play Triopical Match. Addictive gameplay in which you have to match the elements together to score as many points as possible and advance to the next level. In the game you will play the role of Coco - a bird of paradise whose task is to find and combine fruits and flowers. Test your perceptiveness in the latest gameplay!  

How to play Tropical Match?  

Place 3 of the same elements in one line to score points and make room for new connections. You will earn extra points if you manage to arrange more than 3 of the same items in one line.  

Swap two adjacent fields to create a sequence of elements. Thanks to the new booster, you can replace elements on the board regardless of their position. Choose your tiles carefully because the number of swaps is limited!  

Triopical Match – free online game  

With each new level, new opportunities and benefits will be unlocked. Along with the game, there will also be various boards that may make playing Tropical Match more difficult. By completing subsequent levels, you will also be able to draw additional gifts that will help you complete the game. Lose yourself in the world of Tropcial Match!  

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