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Sweet World


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About the game Sweet World

Do you like sweets? From now on, you no longer have to risk toothache or unnecessary calories - thanks to Sweet World, you can immerse yourself in the world of colorful candies, and thus provide yourself with interesting entertainment full of challenges for hours. Sit comfortably in an armchair or on a sofa and let yourself be carried away by an exciting puzzle that will help you train your reflexes, but above all your perceptiveness! The game will appeal to people who love challenges: each subsequent level will surprise you with the degree of difficulty, which will make you notice your progress over time.

Your task is to complete the objectives shown on the left side of the screen. The faster and more accurately you do it, the more points you get for the level. Thanks to this, you focus not only on getting through a given stage, but also on doing it in the best possible way. Match candies of the same colors to make them disappear from the board, making room for more. Complete the tasks assigned to a given level efficiently, thanks to which you will receive better rewards and bonuses!

These benefits will help you progress through the levels. Remember that the number of your moves is limited, so in addition to skill, you will also need a bit of luck to arrange the candies in the most favorable way possible. That's not all - some combinations are secret, making Sweet World full of surprises. You never know what will happen with a given composition. So discover the fairy-tale, colorful and, above all, extremely sweet world of the game to use the acquired knowledge to your advantage over time.

You will surely enjoy the incredibly colorful, high-quality graphics that will make you crave something sweet. Unobtrusive, rhythmic background music and sound effects will allow you to fully enjoy the game. Use your headphones to get completely immersed in Sweet World. Don't worry if you're new to shape-matching games: the different level pack is perfect for people of all skill levels.

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