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O grze Jewel Magic Xmas

The Jewel Magic Xmas puzzle game is a Christmas Match 3 adventure. Make combinations of all kinds of festive items in a minimum of three pieces and create huge score combinations. Great fun in a festive mood!

Christmas is a magical time, almost everyone indulges in the extraordinary mood that accompanies them. Although even after opening the fridge, we are greeted with Christmas melodies, and everywhere we look little snowmen in Santa hats wave at us, we still can't get enough of it. Jewel Magic Xmas, from a series of popular match-3 titles, has also succumbed to the Christmas craze. So relax and play the most festive game on the web for free on Game Planet.

Jewel Magic Xmas game rules

Jewel Magic Xmas is teeming with Christmas magic from the very beginning: the main menu greets us with a view of a fireplace with a fire burning, just below it there are lots of presents waiting to be opened, and a cheerful melody sounds in the background. After starting the game, the player has a board at his disposal, on which various Christmas symbols are randomly placed, including bells, baubles, Christmas trees or snowflakes.

The main task in Jewel Magic Xmas is to move the pieces so that at least three of the same symbols are next to each other in a vertical or horizontal sequence. When this is done, the arranged row disappears, making room for new elements. Combining more identical characters causes special bonus blocks to appear on the board that can explode or eliminate all characters of a given type.

Each next level in Jewel Magic Xmas is a new challenge, they can be about gaining the right amount of points or breaking all the blocks on the board. For their implementation, the player has a limited number of moves, and sometimes he has to fit within the set time limit. Every six hours you can try your luck by spinning the wheel and earning useful in-game boosts. Sit back, feel the magic of the free browser game Jewel Magic Xmas and let the Christmas spirit be with you!

Features Jewel Magic Xmas

- A match-3 arcade game;

- The most festive gameplay on the web;

- Fairy-tale graphics filled with star symbols;

- New, increasingly difficult challenges to overcome;

- A great way to relax during the holidays.

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