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About the game Jewel Explode

The puzzle game Jewel Explode is another variant of the "Match 3" game. Colored jewels must be combined in the largest possible sequences, while creating the longest possible combinations. A lot of caution will come in handy.

The puzzle game Jewel Explode is the next installment of the extremely popular series of "match 3" games. This time we are dealing with an extremely elegant version, dominated by gold, multi-colored crystals and numerous gears, giving the game a bit of a steampunk atmosphere. Let the fancy glitters shine on your screen and play Jewel Explode for free

All that glitters is not gold, says the old adage, but when you have the opportunity to feast your eyes on precious metals and gems for free, you should not miss such a chance. The graphics of the browser game Jewel Explode, although saturated with shiny ornaments, are at the same time very elegant, aesthetic and pleasing to the eye. The rules of the game are very simple.

The player's task in Jewel Explode is to find at least three of the same crystals and arrange them in vertical or horizontal rows. When this is done, a string of identical characters disappears, making room for new elements, and the player receives points. More matched symbols cause special bonus gemstones to appear on the board that have unique properties, such as causing an explosion or removing all pieces of the same color.

Each next level is more and more difficult challenges, consisting of e.g. on gaining the indicated number of points or eliminating all the stone blocks hidden under the crystals from the board. To complete the task, the player has a certain number of moves or must make it within the time limit. Let yourself be tempted by the riches of Jewel Explode, immerse yourself in great fun and train your logical thinking, all for free on Game Planet.

Jewel Explode features

- Match 3 puzzle game;

- Elegant graphics full of valuables;

- Many new, increasingly difficult challenges to complete;

- Addictive entertainment for everyone;

- The ability to beat your own records and win cups.

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