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Flat Jewels: Match 3


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About the game Flat Jewels: Match 3

The Flat Jewels: Match 3 puzzle game is a Match 3 game where you have to match the jewels on the board. It may seem to us that we have known games of this type for a long time and they have no secrets for us, but this type of gameplay can still provide a lot of fun.

The puzzle game Flat Jewels: Match 3 is a title in which you have to match jewels by moving them on the board in such a way that they connect vertically or horizontally in at least threes. However, the more gems in one line, the greater the point bonus, so it's worth planning your next moves on the board to get the biggest Combo.

The gameplay in Flat Jewels: Match 3 is played on points in one of two modes - limited time or in successive levels of increasing difficulty. This Match 3 game trains your observation, logical thinking and planning, all in a relaxing, peaceful experience.


- Puzzle game for everyone without violence

- Two game modes: Levels or Time Attack

- Points game for limited time Time Attack

- Complete tasks of increasing difficulty in Levels mode

- Calm, relaxing Match 3 gameplay

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