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Woodventure: Mahjong Connect


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About the game Woodventure: Mahjong Connect

The puzzle game Woodventure: Mahjong Connect is a rather casual version of Mahjong, the theme of which is forest creatures and nature. The fun is to match two identical cubes, which, however, are not too obscured and can be connected with a few lines.

The Mahjong game has probably never been so nicely framed (graphically, soundwise and more) as in Woodventure: Mahjong Connect. If you like not only exercising your gray cells, but also enjoying the atmosphere of adventure, you should definitely try it. A forest filled to the brim with flora, fauna and puzzles awaits you.

Mahjong is one of the most popular puzzle games in the world, originating from China, but now known around the world. It is said that it was created over two thousand years ago and its originator was Confucius himself, but this has not been finally confirmed. But certainly the version we know today dates back to the late nineteenth century. In recent years, there have been many adaptations of it for computers. To play it, all you need is a computer with access to the Internet.

Woodventure: Mahjong Connect game rules

However, Woodventure: Mahjong Connect is no ordinary computer adaptation of Mahjong. The authors of this version, intended for a single player, enriched it with an adventure layer. We start the game at the very beginning of a large forest, and then we travel through it, going through the next stages. And each stage is another mahjong puzzle to solve. Fun - according to tradition - consists in pairing the same elements (dices). It may take us a long time to spot them, but it gives a lot of joy and satisfaction. We have a certain amount of time to complete each level, so we have to hurry.

Fortunately, the developers of Woodventure: Mahjong Connect decided to offer the player help. If we have trouble finding the next pair, we can use the hint. We also have bombs that remove a random pair of elements, as well as the ability to shuffle the entire board. Of course, all these aids are strictly limited.

Features of Woodventure: Mahjong Connect

  • one-man mahjong enriched with an adventure layer,
  • a series of stages of increasing difficulty,
  • use three forms of help if necessary (hint, bomb or shuffle),
  • game available for free,
  • game available from a web browser.
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