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About the game BattleDudes.io

BattleDudes.io is a true 2D multiplayer shooter with a totally destructible map where you fight against other teams and players for victory! The game has many different maps and many gameplay modes to choose from.

To help you fight the enemies in your arsenal, you have over 20 different weapons that you can unlock by playing the game and earning XP. BattleDudes.io features a leaderboard with daily, weekly, and all-time stats.

If you create an account to save your XP progress, you can also compete with others in the rankings. In the Accessory Store, you can buy new hats and emotes for special currency or gems. Earn coins by playing BattleDudes.io and earning XP. Gems can be purchased in the store. You can buy a specific set of items for each currency.

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aplikacja mobilna