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Killing games are primarily browser shooters and action games. The player's task is to eliminate enemies and survive on the board or in the world to which he is transferred at the beginning of the game.

After the successes of films and series in which the heroes fight zombies, for example Walking Dead ”, players felt the desire to try their hand at fighting zombies also at home. Killing zombies by computer appears in many titles, such as Dead Zed available on the OnlyGames.io platform. In Dead Zed, the player, using various types of weapons, repels waves of incoming zombies.

If you like killing games but want your player-driven character to stay safe, check out numerous sniper games like Sniper Elite. The player has to track down and eliminate enemies, being himself in an unreachable point, for example on the roof of a skyscraper.

FPS action games, i.e. shooters with a first-person view, give the possibility of killing computer enemies in bulk. In single player mode, the opponents are computer-controlled units, but there is an option to connect multiple people to the game. This multiplayer mode allows you to play an interesting game mode, which is Death Match. In a fight to the death, the winner is the player who remains alive on the map.

Some online killing games are presented in a rather funny and cartoonish way.

After starting the Stickman Archer title, we will control a stickman, which tries to hit the opponent with a bow and knock him off the platform on which he is standing.

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