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The Snail Bob game is one of the very popular series for the youngest. It has several different versions of the boards, in which we deal with various adventures of a nice animal. The rules are simple and clear - you move the main character with the mouse or touchpad and try to get to the exit by overcoming the obstacles on his way. Collect stars that will earn you extra points!


The Snail Bob series is a fun and easy point and click game - no keyboard or special skills are required, just watch what is happening on the screen. With each new level, the game becomes a bit more difficult and the snail gains new skills. We start, for example, by simply moving and hiding in the shell, then we learn to change the direction of movement and more complicated to move.


Each version of the Snail Bob games presents slightly different challenges for the child. So there will be Snail Bob Love Story, the aim of which is to allow you to meet your beloved snail in a pink shell, Winter Story in a magical, snowy aura or Island Story on a mysterious island. The series is a nice proposition not only for young children - also for older "children", for example during an excessively quiet day at work. Help the cute little snail to overcome adversity and face new obstacles - it's extremely rewarding!

aplikacja mobilna