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Snail Bob 5


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About the game Snail Bob 5

The adorable game Snail Bob 5: Love story is not only very pleasing to the eye, but also extensively develops both logical thinking and thinking out of a box. A joyful snail falls in love with an unknown beauty and begins a wild journey full of dangers to meet the one who stole his heart. However, Bob is not a very bright creature and he needs your help! He can't do it without you, he will be eaten, he will fall into the abyss or - worse - he won't find all the stars!

A lot of mental challenges await you in Snail Bob 5, in which you partially guide the title snail and help him to the exit. In order for the snail to fulfill its purpose, you have to press buttons, stop or accelerate the main character, open passages or control flying platforms. At the same time, it is good to avoid mean enemies and collect stars that add splendor to the player. Don't wait any longer, help Bob meet his dream snail!

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