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Tractor Mania


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About the game Tractor Mania

Tractor Mania - a challenge for skillful and clever

Farming games are divided into quite simple and others that require a bit of cleverness and thought. Tractor Mania definitely belongs to the latter category - your task is to bring farm goods to their destination. You move through mountains, forests and bridges, so the task is not easy. You run the risk of losing the goods and not taking them to the place ... Fortunately, however, this is only a game, so you will not face any serious consequences.

Tractor Mania begins with an overview and selection of equipment, but it is only a sneak peek at the temptation - you will only make purchases when you have enough funds for it. How to get them? Of course, passing the route flawlessly. Control is done using the arrows on the keyboard and a few other keys. You have a gas pedal and a brake in front of you, as well as a button that allows you to add gas to the vehicle, so you are equipped with a professional kit for servicing the tractor (and the farm at the same time).

The dangers that await you on the road include mismatching the pace of driving with the slopes (if the speed is too slow, the driver may have a problem with pulling the trailer in, and when driving too fast, there is a high risk of losing the goods). Your goal is to deliver vegetables, for example carrots, as quickly as possible to the end of the route marked with a "STOP" sign. When you do this (of course in the appropriate number, indicated in the upper right corner), you will be able to proceed to the next level.


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