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The Farmers


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The Farmers - farm professions

Among the browser games you will find a lot of offers from the farm category. If you add a pinch of competition, a bit of dexterity and the need to operate the cursor, as well as an automotive element, a very satisfying proposition will appear on the screen in front of you - the game The Farmers, i.e. playing competitions. You are a small (at least initially) vehicle that has to cut grass and grain to grow strong. Weight gain is immediately noticeable, and so does your courage - you can try ... eat your opponents. Remember that this works both ways, and they too may try their luck with your Elements.

Move where the grass is greener and the grain more, and cleverly avoid confronting vehicles larger than you. The bigger you are, the slower you move, so your reaction time can be much slower. The Farmers brings a lot of joy and smile, gives you instant satisfaction and the pleasure of carefree. Climb the ranks of the ranking until you jump to the honorable first place. Then be careful not to smash your own, possibly already very long, tail in a frenzy of joy!

You can play The Farmers on your computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone (as long as you have a large enough screen for it to be convenient). Depending on the equipment and, for example, whether they are equipped with a touchscreen, control is possible with the cursor or a finger. So go ahead farmer, have fun!

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